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Bylaws of Pakistan Society of Physicians (PSP)


  1. Name: The name of the Society shall be “Pakistan Society of Physicians”.
  2. Registered Office: The registered office of the Society shall be in Peshawar.
  3. Aims & Objectives: Shall be
    1. To provide a platform for Physicians to share their experiences, exchange viewpoints and to update their knowledge in the field of Internal Medicine.
    2. To stimulate interest in the research in Internal Medicine.
    3. To organize regular seminars, conferences and meetings for promoting exchange of views.
    4. To publish scientific literature for distribution amongst the members.


  1. Regular Membership:
    1. Eligibility:
      1. Candidate for Membership should be a physician holding the degree of MBBS or equivalent recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).
      2. Candidate should have either Postgraduate Certificate like FCPS (Medicine) or equivalent qualifications recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).
      3. MRCP with CSST in general medicine or Diplomat American Board of Medicine.
    2. Types of Regular Membership:
      1. Ordinary Membership: All persons fulfilling above criteria and paying membership fee on annual basis.
      2. Lifetime Membership: Shall be open to any person who is eligible for ordinary membership on payment of an amount fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  2. Associate Membership: Postgraduate Trainees are eligible to apply for Associate Membership of the Society.
  3. Procedure for Membership:
    1. Eligible doctors will apply to the General Secretary of the Society for the membership of the Society.
    2. General Secretary (GS) will get provisional approval of all submitted membership forms from the Executive Council (EC).
    3. The GS in the General Body (GB) will present names of all new members for final approval.
  4. Subscription: as detailed out below:
Membership Entry Fee Renewal Fee
Regular Member Life-time PKRs. 5,000/- Not Needed
Ordinary PKRs. 1000/- PKRs. 250/-
Associate Member PKRs. 500/- Not Needed



  1. Privileges and Rights of Members:
    1. Regular (Ordinary & Lifetime) Members:
      1. To attend and vote at all general and extra ordinary Meetings.
      2. To propose and second candidates for holding office of the Society.
      3. To propose and second resolutions.
      4. Shall be eligible for all offices of the Society after being duly elected.
    2. Associate Members:
      1. To attend and take part in discussion, in all general meetings, lectures etc.
      2. No voting rights
  2. Cessation of Membership:
    1. Any regular or associate member may resign from the Society by notifying his/her intention of doing so in writing to the General Secretary. The resigning member shall be required to pay all the dues against him/her before the Executive Council considers his/her resignation.
    2. Any member whose behavior and conduct had been derogatory to the objectives of the Society or the medical profession will be liable to have his/her name struck off the membership register, if the Executive Council considers so, after giving the member concerned full opportunity to present/plead his/her case in writing or in person.


  1. Executive Council:
    1. Tenure of Executive Council shall be 2 years.
    2. Members shall include the followings:
      1. President One
      2. Senior Vice-President One
      3. Vice-President One
      4. General Secretary One
      5. Joint Secretary One
      6. Finance Secretary One
      7. Publication Secretary One
      8. Councilors Five
    3. Voting in GB Meeting by simple majority will fill vacancies of Office Bearers.
    4. No Office Bearer shall hold the same office for more than 2 consecutive terms.
    5. Mid-term/interim vacancies in the Executive Council shall be temporarily filled by majority vote of the Executive Council.
  2. Duties of Office Bearers:
    1. President:
      1. Shall preside all meetings of the General Body and the Executive Council.
      2. Shall guide day-to-day activities of the Society according to the laws and Byelaws of the Society.
    2. Senior Vice-President / Vice-President
      1. Shall deputize for the President in his/her absence.
      2. Shall assist the President in organizing the Society and in advancing the cause of the Society.
    3. General Secretary
      1. Shall be responsible to conduct/control day-to-day activities and correspondence of the Society in consultation with the President.
      2. Shall convene and conduct all meetings of the Society and maintain Minutes Book of the General Body and the Executive Council Meetings.
      3. Shall maintain a Membership Register.
      4. Shall appoint and dismiss salaried staff of the Society subject to the approval of the President and the Executive Council.
      5. Shall conduct any authorized business in the interest of the Society with the approval of the President and the Executive Council.
    4. Joint Secretary shall undertake all the duties of the General Secretary in his/her absence and assist him/her in his/her day-to-day duties.
    5. Finance Secretary
      1. Shall be responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Society, to be regularly deposited in a branch of a Pakistani Bank approved by the Executive Council.
      2. Shall present Financial Statement at the Annual General Body Meeting.
      3. Shall receive all dues and settle all payments with Approval of President and General Secretary.
      4. Shall be responsible for getting the accounts audited by authorized auditors appointed by the General Body.
    6. Publication Secretary shall be responsible for all publications of the Society, and selection of editorial board.
  3. Functions and Powers of the Executive Council:
    1. Shall lay down overall policy for conducting day-to-day activities of the Society.
    2. Shall formulate rules from time to time for conducting its business so long as they are not in consistent with the rules laid down in the Constitution of the Society.
    3. Shall delegate any of their powers to a subcommittee consisting of such members as they shall think fit, and to make such regulations for the proceedings as may seem necessary.
    4. Shall be empowered to appoint or dismiss persons in the employment of the Society and fix their remuneration.
    5. To frame and make bylaws to be later approved by the General Body at its next meeting, after notifying all members at least one month in advance of scheduled meeting. The bylaw would only be operative after approval of the General Body.
    6. Shall have full powers to administer and control the funds of the Society; scrutinize audited accounts and balance sheets prepared by the Finance Secretary before presentation to the General Body.
    7. Shall approve the annual report prepared by the General Secretary


  1. Executive Council Meeting:
    1. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year.
    2. Quorum: Five members, one of whom should be President / Senior Vice President shall form the quorum of Executive Council.
    3. The minutes of all proceedings of the Executive Council shall be recorded in the Minutes Book duly signed by the President at the subsequent meeting and approved by the Executive Council.
    4. Non-attendance for 3 consecutive meetings of the Executive Council without showing any reasonable cause may disqualify the member from membership of the Executive Council.
    5. Mid-term/Interim vacancies in the Executive Council shall be temporarily filled by majority vote of Executive Council Members.
  2. General Body Meeting:
    1. The date, time and place shall be fixed by the Executive Committee after giving due notice to the members for this purpose.
    2. Types of Meetings:
      1. Annual General Body Meetings: The notice of at least 1 month shall be given for this purpose.
      2. Emergency General Body Meeting: the General Secretary shall convene it at a notice of 24 hours on receiving a written request from at least 10 members or 10% members which ever is more.
    3. Rules of Conduct of General Body Meeting:
      1. One third of the members shall form a quorum.
      2. In case quorum is not complete in a General Body Meeting, the meeting will be adjourned after half an hour. The adjourned meeting shall be held at the same place after due notice. The usual quorum is not necessary for such meetings.
      3. The non-receipt of notice of the meeting by any member sent under certificate of posting shall not invalidate the proceedings of such meeting.
      4. The President, or in his absence, the SVP/VP of the Society shall take the chair at the meetings. In case of the three being absent, the members present shall elect a Chairman for the meeting.
      5. The recognized method of voting shall be, by the show of hand and carried by the majority present, but a member may demand a secret ballot. The Chairman’s decision after voting by secret ballot will be final.
      6. In the event of equal votes on either side, president (or Chairman) will have the right of casting the decisive vote.


    1. Society’s Financial Year shall be from 1st July to 30th
    2. Society’s Official account is located in Peshawar. Attempt your joy along with 50€ bonus ohne einzahlung.
      1. It shall be the only officially operated Account of society.
      2. All annual PSP conferences will be operated from this Account. No extra account will be opened for annual PSP conferences.
      3. Current President and Finance Secretary will be joint signatory for this account
      4. After every new election of Office-Bearers, General Secretary will issue Official Notification of change of signatory of this Account within 4 weeks of elections.
    3. Running of Official Account:
      1. The Finance Secretary shall regularly deposit all sums received in an assigned bank as soon as possible.
      2. The Finance Secretary and the General Secretary or the President shall sign all Cheques drawn on the bank.
    4. Annual Financial Report:
      1. Finance Secretary will prepare Annual Financial Report showing all details and balance of this account.
      2. He will present it in the Executive Council Meeting for approval and getting signed by all members present in the meeting.
      3. He will then present this in the annual General Body Meeting.


  1. Power of Amendment: The Society shall have the power to amend, alter, modify any of the foregoing Articles and Bye-Laws, provided such changes in the Constitution have no direct or indirect effect of subverting any one or more of the aims and objectives of the Society.
  2. Procedure of Amendment:
    1. Members will submit proposal for amendment to the Constitution and Bye-laws to the General Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Body Meeting
    2. The Proposal should comprise:
      1. Existing Provision with proper reference to Page-No, Serial-No, Clause-No, and its complete statement
      2. Revised Provision with proposed alteration and its complete statement
      3. Reasons of making amendment
      4. Authority under the Bye-Laws of Society
    3. This proposal will be presented in the next Executive Council’s meeting for discussion and approval.
    4. If approved, General Secretary shall circulate to all the members at least one month before the next Annual General Body Meeting.
    5. General Secretary shall present this amendment in In the Annual General Body Meeting for approval, and if it is approved by a majority of 2/3rd of the members present, it shall come into force immediately.


  1. Legal Issues: The General Secretary shall have the power to file or defend suits or other proceedings on behalf of the Society and shall have the authority to compromise, settle or refer to arbitration any dispute relating to the Society with the written consent of the Executive Council.


  1. The Society shall stand dissolved if not less than 4/5th of the total number of members vote for dissolution at a meeting convened for this purpose so decide, and the dissolution shall take effect with immediate effect.
  2. In the event of dissolution of the Society every member under takes to contribute to the assets of the Society while he is member of within one year after he ceases to be a member for payment of debts and liabilities of the Society contracted before he ceases to be Member and to the costs, charges and expenses of winding up and for the adjustment of the right of the contributors among themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding the subscription for full membership.
  3. If upon the dissolution of the Society, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever the same shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objectives similar to that of the Society, to be determined by the votes of no less than 4/5th of the members present in person and voting at the meeting convened for the purpose, or in default there of by the principal court of original civil jurisdiction of the district in which the office of the Society is for the time being situated.




Drafted by Prof. Javed Iqbal Farooqi