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But you’ll still find stupid karma whore bullshit that makes you wonder why these people need to be validated by strangers on the internet, you’ll find that anywhere. If you want to dig deep into the more questionable subreddits then you can do that, but your experience is what you make it. There’s a lot of fantastic subreddits for all kinds of niches, as well as really good support groups for various things. I’ve browsed /r/relationships a few times and there’s a lot of good advice thrown around there.

Just about anything that anyone on the planet is interested in, there’s probably a subreddit where you can discuss it with others. Looking ahead, we want to meet the needs of our employees so they can do their best work, especially in a time of uncertainty. And as we deliver on our mission of creating belonging for everyone in the world, we want Reddit to be positioned as a workforce that’s as diverse as its ecosystem of communities and users.

The Best Of Reddit

As of October 2012, Apostolate has the most comment karma, 1,128,525. Maxwellhill has both the most link karma and combined karma . According to the official reddit blog, the site switched programming languages from Lisp to Python in 2005. On July 21st, reddit announced that they would be outsourcing their search to index handling service IndexTank. Reddit has strong ties to popular image hosting website Imgur, which was created by Redditor mcgrimm.

On Monday, Pao took to Reddit to apologize for how Download Reddit APK for Android Taylor’s firing was handled, as well as years of mismanagement and poor communication between the company and the band of unpaid volunteer moderators who keep the site going. “After more than two years at Reddit, I have resigned today,” Pao wrote in a post on the site. “In my eight months as Reddit’s CEO, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly on Reddit. The good has been off-the-wall inspiring, and the ugly made me doubt humanity.” Shortcut above is just a bookmarklet, which is browser bookmark with tiny bit of code on it, which helps copy video URL from browser and send you here along with it. This is done to make your video downloads faster, there’s nothing else to it.

The Punishing Ecstasy Of Being A Reddit Moderator

The word “Reddiquette” is derived from the suitcase word “netiquette.” It originated from the terms internet and etiquette and describes basic rules of conduct on the internet. Their basic tenant is that all users should feel welcome. On the one hand, it encourages participation in the internet and for that participation to be as polite as possible.

  • It included both discussions surrounding the ethics of suicide and posts containing rants from Reddit users.
  • We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate.
  • Reddit Marketing Guide, where we share tips on how to drive traffic to your content, reverse engineer any subreddit and generate more leads & sales from Reddit.
  • You don’t have to be in the same physical location as your spouse to file your taxes.
  • Cant create new posts, general weirdness such as clicking links changes address bar, but doesnt load that page.
  • I can decrease/mute the volume with the iPan Control Button.

If you bring up inconvenient facts that are not politically correct, you can expect to receive the same treatment. You can also expect to have the Inquisitors of SRS [] downvote brigading your small subreddit. SRS is quite open about being against free speech, and actively opposing non-SJW outlooks. SRS receive active admin support, so they are rarely, if ever, punished. If you resist Admin control over a subreddit, your subreddit is removed.

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