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01/12/2018; AIDS day walk at Hayat Abad Medical Complex Peshawar.

06/12/2018; Mini symposium at HMC Peshawar on “ Fever with haemorrhagic manifestations “

27/02/2019; Symposium on Rheumatology Updates at Khyber Medical college Peshawar. A joint venture of DME KMC & PSP.

Dec,1-6/2019; Preconference workshops at LRH, KTH, HMC, NTH Peshawar.

Dec,6-8/2019; First international conference (PSPcon-2019) at PC Peshawar on “Current Insights and Future Prospects in Internal Medicine”

Active participation in IMM,FCPS, MRCP Mock Exams & disease awareness days in 2019.

20/02/2020; Single topic symposium at KMC on “Corona Virus Disease”

July-September 2020; Series of Weekly Covid Webinars consisting of nine sessions (each covering two topics).