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  1. Name: The name of the Society shall be “Pakistan Society of Physicians”.
  2. Registered Office: The registered office of the Society shall be in Peshawar.
  3. Aims & Objectives: Shall be
    1. To provide a platform for Physicians to share their experiences, exchange viewpoints and to update their knowledge in the field of Internal Medicine.
    2. To stimulate interest in the research in Internal Medicine.
    3. To organize regular seminars, conferences and meetings for promoting exchange of views.
    4. To publish scientific literature for distribution amongst the members.
  1. Regular Membership:
    1. Eligibility:
      1. Candidate for Membership should be a physician holding the degree of MBBS or equivalent recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).
      2. Candidate should have either Postgraduate Certificate like FCPS (Medicine) or equivalent qualifications recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).
      3. MRCP with CSST in general medicine or Diplomat American Board of Medicine.
    2. Types of Regular Membership:
      1. Ordinary Membership: All persons fulfilling above criteria and paying membership fee on annual basis.
      2. Lifetime Membership: Shall be open to any person who is eligible for ordinary membership on payment of an amount fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  2. Associate Membership: Postgraduate Trainees are eligible to apply for Associate Membership of the Society.
  3. Procedure for Membership:
    1. Eligible doctors will apply to the General Secretary of the Society for the membership of the Society.
    2. General Secretary (GS) will get provisional approval of all submitted membership forms from the Executive Council (EC).
    3. The GS in the General Body (GB) will present names of all new members for final approval.
  4. Subscription: as detailed out below:
Membership Entry Fee Renewal Fee
Regular Member Life-time PKRs. 5,000/- Not Needed
Ordinary PKRs. 1000/- PKRs. 250/-
Associate Member PKRs. 500/- Not Needed
  1. Privileges and Rights of Members:
    1. Regular (Ordinary & Lifetime) Members:
      1. To attend and vote at all general and extra ordinary Meetings.
      2. To propose and second candidates for holding office of the Society.
      3. To propose and second resolutions.
      4. Shall be eligible for all offices of the Society after being duly elected.
    2. Associate Members:
      1. To attend and take part in discussion, in all general meetings, lectures etc.
      2. No voting rights
  2. Cessation of Membership:
    1. Any regular or associate member may resign from the Society by notifying his/her intention of doing so in writing to the General Secretary. The resigning member shall be required to pay all the dues against him/her before the Executive Council considers his/her resignation.
    2. Any member whose behavior and conduct had been derogatory to the objectives of the Society or the medical profession will be liable to have his/her name struck off the membership register, if the Executive Council considers so, after giving the member concerned full opportunity to present/plead his/her case in writing or in person.