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Super Specialties Training Fellowship Program 2021-2022

Message from Chairman, Research and Education Committee

I feel pleasure to write a message as Chairman, POA Research and Education Commiee. As you all know POA is the only Orthopaedic organization consisting of over 1500 members. POA is trying to do a lot in the academics. One of the achievement of POA is the formation of POA Sub-subspecialty forums. The other is the recognition of POA Centres for subspecialty training.

Inially only 03 sub-specialty centers got recognion. In 2012 recognized centers were six, and thereaer in 2015-2017 there was a fast growth that POA Research & Education committee recognized 18 subspecialty Centres and today 29 Centres are providing subspecialty hands on training Skill in almost all subspeciales. Till date these Subspecialty Centres of POA have awarded 01-year hands on training to 50 and 06 months training to 8 POA Life members. It is great hard work and enthusiasm of our mentors that they have aained a status not less than internaonal Centres that a significant number of “International applicants” are requesting for Sub-specialty training at our Centres in Pakistan, Indeed it is a great honor and prestige for our community, “the POA” This year POA Research & Education committee is glad to announce 58 scholarships including Trauma, Arthroplasty, Spine Surgery, Hand surgery, Musculoskeletal Tumors, Deformity Correction and Limb Lengthening, Pediatrics Orthopaedics Surgery and Sports Surgery & Arthroscopy for POA members, the young Orthopaedics surgeons. POA Zindabad POA Paindabad With best regards Prof. M. Parwez Anjum Chairman POA Research and Educaon Commiee Aim and Objective Introducon After completing PMC Level-III training, the orthopaedic surgeons can obtain training at Level-IV through sub specialty fellowship training. Priorities for establishing a sub-specialty program fellowships in Orthopaedic Surgery are based on community needs and availability of infrastructure for the sub-specialty, which are mandatory for accreditation of the programs, the first time and every time.